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Biblical Theology Syllabus 2021

 Biblical Theology

 Syllabus – 2021

Course Information:

Course Title:                         A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament

Class Days:                           January 30, February 27, March 27, April 24, May 29,

                                           June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, October 30,                                                          November 27 (Final Exam), December 04 (graduation)

Lecturers:                            Andre de Wit, Frank de Wet, Karabo Msiza, Donovan Drew and Hanrias  Brink

Contact Information:  


Course Description

This course will survey the story of the entire Bible, giving you a glimpse of the glory of God, a basic understanding of how the Bible works, an overview of the main components of the biblical story and the theology the Bible teaches, and how you can benefit from Bible and use it in your own personal studies and life and ministry. 

Course Objectives:

As each student studies the materials presented in this course, listens to the lectures and completes the assignments, he/she will be exposed to specific skills. The objectives of this course are:

-           To enrich and improve every student’s personal life and relationship with Christ.

-           To help you understand what the Bible is basically about and equip you to be able to explain the purpose of the Bible to others. 

-           To help you better understand what Scripture means and how it applies to your life.

-           To help you as you listen to the Scriptures being preached to be able to identify when people are misusing it and attempting to lead you astray.

-           To enable you to speak about the Scriptures with others in a helpful way.  

-           To understand what each book of the Bible is basically about, its structure and literary form, the main characters, its theology, and how it fits into the overall story of the Bible. 

Study Materials   

Materials and Methods of Instruction:

The teaching methods used in this course may include, but may not be limited to: Lecture, question and answer, reading/discussion, written response, reflective paper(s), quizzes and exams.

Course Requirements:

Attendance: Each student should be faithful in class attendance. You will be allowed one absence for personal reasons without it impacting your grade. However, it is still your responsibility to make up any work missed and to secure the material covered in class during your absence. Please note that missing more than two classes means you won’t really complete the class, and once you are absent three times, then you will be automatically dropped from the course. If you have to miss more than one class session, please let the teacher know about your circumstances immediately.

Assignments: Late assignments will be penalized and no assignments will be accepted after the final exam.

Participate in the discussions. In order to prepare for our time together, you must have completed the preassignments for the course. Your commitment to preparing for class is going to be absolutely critical to our success as a class.

Scripture Memorization. After the first class, each time we get together we will have a Scripture memory quiz at the very beginning of the class. If you are late or absent, you will not be able to make this up. The Scriptures that we memorize will take us through the whole story of the Bible. 

            Class #2:  Genesis 1:1; Genesis 1:26, Genesis 3:6-7 and Genesis 3:15

            Class #3:  Genesis 12:2-3; Genesis 49:10; Exodus 12:23

            Class #4: 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Isaiah 53:6

            Class #5: Ezekiel 37:3-5; Isaiah 65:17

            Class #6: Mark 1:14-15; John 19:30

            Class #7: John 19:30; Romans 1:3-4

            Class #8: Romans 1:3-4

            Class #9: Romans 3:21-26

            Class #10: Revelation 21:1-4

            Class #11 - You will be expected to know all the verses for the final exam.

Final Exam

Students are required to write the final exam to pass the course. Those who do not will automatically fail the course, even if they have received a passing grade for all their homework.  Please note that an exam will not be graded if it is submitted after the submission deadline.

The final exam is made up of 4 sections:

1) Memory Verses

2) True or False Questions

3) Multiple Choice Questions

4) Short Answer Questions


Class Schedule:


Class One                        Introduction the OT

Class Two                        Genesis and Exodus

Class Three                      Leviticus, Numbers, Deut, Joshua

Class Four                        Samuel and Kings 

Class Five                        The Major Prophets

Class Six and Seven         The Minor Prophets

Class Eight                      Proverbs

Class Nine                       Introducing the New Testament

Class Ten                        The Gospel According to Paul                   

Class Eleven                    Revelation


Method of Grading

Assignment                                                                     Value

Class Participation                                                           10%

Scripture Memory                                                            25%

Monthly Assignments                                                       25%

Final Exam                                                                      40%


 Academic Life


Percentages             Letters            Description

90-100                       A                     Exceptional

80-89                         B                     Good

70-79                         C                     Average

60-69                         D                     Borderline

Below 60                    F                     Permanent Failure



If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time! I am always happy to help whenever I can. You can reach me at or on Whatsapp at 071 983 6121