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Pastors equip your members

Pastors and church leaders....

We would like to encourage you to get behind your church members by equipping them with foundational teaching in the Bible and Theology. 

There is so much going on in ministry - and we can only do so much - preaching, teaching, shepherding, counseling etc. And we want to see our members trained in the Word of God. 

That is why we want to partner with you in training your members and next level leadership.

Our desire is to see the local church get behind the identified members in their church to send them to ABTC and get the foundational training.

Some key reasons or benefits:

  • 1 Year program - once a month on a Saturday, so members can get to Pretoria from further away.
  • Your support - we would like to know the churches that the students are from in order to give appropriate feedback
  • Low cost - the courses are offered at R100 per month. Therefore the local church can get behind some key individuals to send them for the training to show your support to help develop them in their Bible knowledge and training
  • Identifying future leaders - Our courses are designed to help identify which students might be called to full time ministry in the future.
  • Training members to serve in official capacities in the church (Elders, Deacons, Small group leaders, Ladies ministry etc)

Our application process asks the student to which local church he belongs and how long he has been part of the church so that we can engage with you on the development of the student.

We look forward to partnering with you in strengthening the local church!