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Systematic Theology

- This course will resume in 2024. Please consider enrolling in our Biblical Theology course or attending our Practical Theology seminars -


Course Overview


The class notes for this course are a summary of Dr. Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. This course takes the student through seven major doctrines highlighted in Grudem’s manual, which are also highlighted in Scripture. These seven doctrines provide the basic framework of the Christian faith.

It is through understanding these seven major doctrines that Christians can grow significantly in their faith in the following ways:

  • Finding confidence in the Word of God,
  • Coming to understand more of who God is, and to worship Him,
  • Discovering how God sees human beings and their need,
  • Learning how God has provided for that need through Jesus Christ,
  • Understanding how God applies the work of Christ to fallen human beings,
  • Depending on the body into which God has placed people He has saved,
  • Looking forward to the future with hope in Jesus Christ. 

Christians who have a firm grasp on these truths are not easily deceived or shaken when errors or troubles come. They find it easier to make decisions that please God and also help other people who are facing hard problems. Such Christians are happier and more grateful and hopeful and their lives bring glory to God in an anti-God world.

If these are the joys you seek in Jesus, welcome to ABTC Systematic Theology!

 Course Outline / Lesson Schedule:

Classes will be held on one Saturday per month - Starting at the end of January. Exact dates to be finalised and will be communicated to you upon registration.

Class starts at 8:30 am - 15:30 pm - Light meal and refreshments provided.

Course Outline:

1.      Part 1: Introduction And The Word Of God

2.      Part 2: The Doctrine Of God

3.      Part 3: The Doctrine Of Man

4.      Part 4: The Doctrines Of Christ And The Holy Spirit

5.      Part 5: The Doctrine Of The Application Of Redemption

6.      Part 6: The Doctrine Of The Church

7.      Part 7: The Doctrine Of The Future



After each lesson, you will be required to complete the questions provided along with the personal application questions.

Assignments will be checked at the start of each class.

Additional Resources:

Each student will receive additional resources to fill their library and equip them to share the information with others.

Cost per course:

The full cost of the course is R2500.00 per year.

Students can pay the full amount upfront or R250.00 per month.

If you pay the full amount upfront - you will receive a discount of R500. Thus only R2000 payable for the whole year.

Bursaries are available on request and applications for them should be submitted after registration to


Classes will be held at 327 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria